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New Zealand is home to an active and friendly cryptocurrency community. From Kaitaia to Bluff there’s a number of ways you can connect and collaborate with other crypto enthusiasts across NZ. 🇳🇿

Recommended Communities:

Cryptocurrency NZ Community Group

New Zealand’s largest crypto Facebook group.

The Cryptocurrency NZ Discord

The primary communication platform of Cryptocurrency NZ.
Feel free to come say hi!

CNZ Meetups

Keen to talk crypto with like-minded new friends? Then join us at your local Cryptocurrency NZ meetup. 🍻

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New Zealand Crypto Groups

Join the conversation in one of New Zealand’s Facebook or Reddit groups.  

r/NZBitcoin Reddit

NZ Bitcoin subreddit

r/CryptocurrencyNZ Reddit

NZ Crypto Miners Facebook


NZ P2P Crypto Marketplace

NZ P2P Cryptocurrency Marketplace New Zealand Bitcoin Crypto Ethereum

Crypto Airdrops NZ

Crypto Airdrops NZ Community Group Charlie

For other NZ Bitcoin / crypto groups, check out the directory on our resources page.