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What Are Multisig Wallets? | New Zealand’s Crypto Guide (2024)

Multisig wallets in New Zealand demand multiple private keys, enhancing the security layer for the storage of cryptocurrency assets.

Discover the world of Multisig Wallets – a secure solution requiring multiple approvals for transactions, ideal for collective ownership or institutional use in New Zealand. Explore key benefits, such as mitigating ‘Key Person’ risk and buildable smart wallet features.

What are Multisig Wallets?

Multisig wallets, often referred to as “multi-sig,” represent a category of cryptocurrency wallets distinguished by enhanced security features. They are designed to mandate the involvement of two or more individuals in approving an outgoing transaction. These wallets prove particularly valuable in scenarios where digital assets are collectively owned by multiple individuals or are under the custody of a company or even a DAO. 

While the setup and usage of these cryptocurrency wallets demand a higher level of technical proficiency compared to traditional wallets requiring only a single signature, the heightened security advantages justify the additional technical complexity.

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Best Multisig Wallet in New Zealand

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Electrum Wallet

Purchase Cost: Free

Cloud Storage: No

Cold Storage: Supports Cold Storage

Electrum is a highly secure Bitcoin-only wallet packed with specialized features. It offers unparalleled speed, top-notch security measures, and a commitment to decentralization. One of its standout features is multi-signature access, adding an extra layer of protection to keep your bitcoin safe. 

Pros Of Electrum Wallet:

✔️ Cold Storage: Electrum excels in providing cold storage capabilities, ensuring that your private keys and sensitive information remain offline.

✔️ Multi-signature Feature: The multi-signature functionality offered by Electrum enhances security by requiring multiple private key signatures to do transactions. 

✔️ Security: Electrum’s focus on security is evident through its robust encryption protocols, hardware wallet integration, and the ability to create secure transactions. 

✔️ Speed: Electrum is renowned for its fast and efficient performance. As a lightweight client, it does not require the full blockchain to operate.

Cons Of Electrum Wallet:

❌ Supports Only Bitcoin: While outstanding, Electrum exclusively supports BTC. Kiwis needing multi-crypto support may look elsewhere.

❌ Not Suitable for Beginners: Electrum’s feature-rich interface and emphasis on security may prove overwhelming for beginners or those new to the world of crypto.

Electrum wallet, exclusively designed for Bitcoin transactions, is a top choice for advanced Bitcoin users, boasting advanced security features.

Created by Thomas Voegtling and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Electrum has been continuously updated since its launch in 2011. It also supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network, enabling faster and more cost-effective transactions.

For more in-depth information about Electrum Wallet, Cryptocurrency NZ recommend checking out our comprehensive “What is Electrum Wallet NZ” guide. 

Skip to 21:39 on the video to learn more about Multisig Setup for Electrum Crypto Wallet.

Key Benefits of Multisig Wallets

Beyond heightened security measures and the involvement of multiple parties, utilizing multisig wallets offer various additional advantages, Especially for institutions or DAOs.

No 'Key Person' Risk

To start, the architectural layout of multisig wallets mitigates the conventional “key person” risk. This risk arises when a company heavily depends on a sole individual for its success. This risk is prevalent, especially when one person holds control over the wallets.


As a smart wallet, multisig wallets offer flexibility for easy adjustment or enhancement to suit the requirements of an institution or DAO in New Zealand. By expanding on the wallet’s foundation, developers have the capability to devise protocols and models enabling more intricate functions, such as DAO voting or asset management services. 

Greater Transparency

Multisig wallets offer heightened transparency, especially when compared to other wallet types. Transaction policies, signers, and actual transactions are openly accessible. This transparency provides a clear understanding of transaction rules and holds participants accountable for directing funds. A infamous Example of this is QuadrigaCX

Moreover, the open-source characteristic of multisig wallets allows anyone in NZ to inspect the governing code. With transparent and open development, individuals can conduct audits to ensure the safety and security of funds within these wallets.

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Situations to use Multisig Wallets

Multi-Party Sign off for Transactions

In New Zealand, multisig wallets serve as an excellent solution in business or workflow scenarios where multiple authorizations are necessary for payments. This guarantees alignment among all parties involved in every payment originating from the wallet.

Shared access to one Wallet

Similar to a joint bank account, a multisig wallet employed by several users in NZ facilitates access to a shared pool of funds, ensuring collaborative financial management.

Long Term Cold Storage

Considering the need for multiple signatures and enhanced security, using multisig wallets in NZ becomes a logical choice for storing substantial funds that won’t be used frequently.

In the context of “cold” storage, where the device remains offline, a “hot” wallet connected to the internet—with a smaller fund allocation is utilized for more frequent transactions.

Best Practices when using Multisig Wallets

Explore our comprehensive guide on How to Backup Your Cryptocurrency Wallet for an in-depth view of best practices. Below, we’ll highlight the two most crucial steps.

Backup your Cryptocurrency Wallet

Securing your Bitcoin wallet in New Zealand involves creating and documenting your recovery phrase. This step ensures the recoverability of your funds, even in the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen private key or wallet device. 

Store Recovery phrases in different locations

Ensuring the safety of your wallet involves more than just noting down the recovery phrase; it’s prudent to store it in different secure locations. For instance, keep one recovery phrase in a concealed safe at home and another in a safety deposit box at the bank.

This strategic approach adds an extra layer of security. Even if someone were to break into your home and access the safe, they would only have one part of the puzzle preventing unauthorized access to the wallet. Remember, resist the urge to store recovery phrases digitally – the tried-and-true method of pen and paper remains more secure.

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Cryptocurrency NZ Final Verdict

Multisig wallets stand out as a secure choice for Kiwis seeking crypto management.

Offering heightened security, transparency, and flexibility, these wallets are ideal for collective ownership and institutional use. With the added benefit of mitigating ‘Key Person’ risk and smart wallet features, multisig wallets provide a robust solution for New Zealanders looking to enhance their cryptocurrency wallet experience.

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