How to Add Accounts on MetaMask Wallet NZ (2024)

Securely manage your MetaMask accounts in NZ. Learn how to add, delete, and restore accounts on browser and mobile with a Secret Recovery Phrase.

When setting up your MetaMask wallet for use in NZ, you’ll receive a Secret Recovery Phrase, and an account will be automatically generated, labeled as your default Account 1.

If you wish to create and oversee multiple MetaMask accounts, you can easily do so by adding more accounts. Each account is linked to the same Secret Recovery Phrase. Think of your wallet (Secret Recovery Phrase) as a container holding one or more accounts. 

How To Add Accounts in MetaMask Wallet

Extension / Web Browser

  1. Click the account selector at the top of your wallet.

  2. Click ‘Add account or hardware wallet’.

MetaMask Wallet Add Accounts

3. Select ‘Add a new account’ in the subsequent menu.

4. Enter your preferred name and then hit ‘Create’ to confirm.

MetaMask Wallet Import Account


  1. Navigate to the wallet view and select the name of the currently chosen account.

  2. From the account selector menu that emerges, select ‘Add account or hardware wallet,’ and then opt for ‘Add new account.’

  3. The account will be added upon tapping.

As previously stated, accounts added through this method are permanent. 

They are tied to your Secret Recovery Phrase from the moment of creation onward. If you genuinely wish to eliminate them from your wallet, you have the option to restore your wallet (be cautious and only proceed if you have your Secret Recovery Phrase recorded.

Learn how to safety store your private keys and secure your cryptocurrency wallet below.

Learn How to Backup Your MetaMask Wallet

In the world of crypto, security is paramount. With great power comes great responsibility – and becoming your own bank means you must also secure your own backup system. 

Securing Your MetaMask Wallet

Securing your MetaMask holdings demands a robust wallet recovery plan. Over six cryptocurrency years, I’ve seen Kiwis lose funds due to poor key management. 

Understanding your private key’s role is vital. It’s your access and ownership. With your 12-word seed phrase and password, it forms a trio for secure backup.

The seed phrase, a master backup code, is crucial. MetaMask handles key storage, but documenting private keys manually adds security. 

Create a backup: document your 12 words, private keys, and password. For advanced backup, distribute copies to secure NZ locations, ensuring redundancy.

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