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The Great Kiwi Crypto Map v.2

Nic Turnbull

Nic Turnbull

New Zealand's Map of Businesses Accepting Crypto As Payment

As crypto adoption continues to ramp up, more and more Kiwis are looking for new ways to spend their hard earned crypto in NZ.

To encourage NZ businesses to accept crypto and to help Kiwis to find the ones who do, we have built an interactive map listing all known NZ businesses offering goods and services in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and other cryptocurrencies. 

If you’d like to list your business, just reach out to us on our contact page! 🙂 

Simply reach out to us on our Contact page, we’ll add it for you! 🙂 

NOTE: Please include your;

  • Business name.
  • Business street address.
    (if it’s an online business only please specify your service area)
  • A description of your business offering.
    (the description for Google Maps)
  • Your businesses website URL

Just reach out to us on our contact page, you’re welcome to edit your listing as you like. 👍

There are several ways to do this, which we plan to document in our upcoming guide – for now we recommend checking out Easy Crypto NZ‘s guide on how to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as payment in New Zealand.