World PVP | The Ultimate Strategy Game for Crypto Enthusiasts! (2024)

World PVP a game where 211 countries vie for dominance in the crypto market. The goal? Reach the highest market cap within 7 days and unlock a nuclear missile to strike a rival nation!

Are you ready for world domination? Dive into World PvP, now live on Base. With a 7-day first round, the nation that conquers the leaderboard will wield the ultimate power: the ability to eliminate a rival by launching a nuclear missile. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to navigate and conquer this crypto game.

World PVP | Best Crypto Game

World PVP | The Ultimate Strategy Game


  • Patriotic Play: Buy and support NZ, and rise to become a key player.
  • Seize Control: Earn the power to launch a nuclear missile.
  • Massive Competition: Join 211 countries in a dynamic battle for supremacy.

What is World PVP?

World PvP has just launched on Coinbase’s L2 network, Base. A total of 211 countries, each represented by their own ERC-20 token, are competing in market cap. The first round lasts for 30 days, and the country that tops the leaderboard will have the power to eliminate a rival by deploying a nuclear missile.

How to Install MetaMask in NZ

Start by going to the MetaMask website ( and click on the “Install MetaMask for Chrome” button

Click “Add to Browser” on the pop-up window that appears.

Click “Add Extension” on the next pop-up window.

Once the extension is installed, you will see the MetaMask icon in the top right corner.

Create a strong and unique password for your MetaMask account.

Write down your seed phrase (a set of 12 words) and store it in a secure location. (Ideally multiple copies). This is your backup and recovery phrase.

Then confirm your seed phrase by typing it in the correct order. Once that is complete your MetaMask account is now set up and ready to use.

How To Buy New Zealand PVP Tokens?

The procedure for adding Base to your wallet can vary slightly depending on the wallet you are using. The following steps are specifically for MetaMask. If you use a different wallet, you will likely follow a similar process.

1. Open your wallet and navigate to the “Add network” page.

metamask add network

2. Once you have filled in all the required information, click “Save” to add Base to MetaMask.

Network name: Base
Chain ID: 8453
Currency symbol: ETH
Block explorer URL (Optional):

MetaMask Add Network


Head to Click on ‘Connect a Wallet’.

Orbiter Finance ETH to Base

The following will appear. Click on “MetaMask“.

Orbiter Finance Connect Wallet

Select “BASE” for what network you want to bridge to. Depending on which network you’re coming from, select the correct “from” network as well.

Select Base Network

Choose the token you want to bridge and specify the amount. Then, click ‘Send’.

The following will appear as a receipt. To view the details of each transaction, click on the corresponding transaction links.

Bridged from ETH to Base

Return to MetaMask, switch to the Base, and your funds should arrive within 1-2 minutes. 

Open MetaMask and log in. Ensure your MetaMask network is set to the correct one (e.g., Base)

Go to the World PvP and connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking the ‘Connect Wallet‘ button.

Connect Wallet World PVP

Ensure you have sufficient ETH in your MetaMask wallet for the swap. On World PvP, navigate to the country of New Zealand. Then Select Ethereum (ETH) as the currency you want to swap. Enter the amount of ETH you wish to swap and confirm the transaction.

New Zealand World PVP

Obtain the New Zealand Token contract address from the World PvP platform. In MetaMask, click on “Import Tokens,” then paste the New Zealand Token contract address into the appropriate field. Add the token, and it should now be visible in your MetaMask wallet under the “Assets” tab.

New Zealand Contract Address: 0x1D72bb57B1d47e3eEab389B2dFa9Ed93371726da

World PVP Logo

How To Play World PVP?

The Nuke

The country with the highest market cap at the end of the round will unlock a nuclear missile. This missile can be used to rug a rival country’s liquidity. When a country is hit by the nuke, its liquidity is rugged, with 50% of the ETH pulled from liquidity used for buybacks of the winning country’s tokens and the other 50% distributed to a random country. The president of the winning country will choose the target for the missile.

The President

Every country will have a president. To become a country’s president, you simply need to be the top holder of that country’s token. For example, if you’re the top holder of New Zealand’s token, you’ll become New Zealand’s president. The president will decide who to target with the nuclear missile if their country wins the season.

At first glance, the president feature might seem simple, but it adds significant depth. It softens the animosity towards the top holder, as they automatically become the president, the person with the most at stake. You can also team up with others and send tokens to a single address to become the top holder and overthrow the current president. The strategic and humorous possibilities are endless. Additionally, the president will have a crown 👑 next to their name in the game chat, so everyone knows who the president is.

The Chat

Every country has its own token-gated chat room, and you can switch channels through a list at the top. There’s also a global chat for everyone to talk and banter. Each player has a flag next to their name, set automatically based on the country tokens they hold the most. For instance, if you hold a lot of New Zealand’s tokens, you’ll have New Zealand flag.

The chat is crucial, so we encourage using the game chat instead of Telegram or Discord. Imagine taunting the president of Germany in the global chat, baiting them into dethroning the Italian president by buying more tokens, and forming a two-country alliance. These strategic and social interactions are very crucial. 

The Second Prize

Besides the nuke, the winning country also receives a second prize: a pool of Ethereum accumulated from a global tax on all tokens. This prize can range from 20 to 200 Ethereum, depending on the game’s volume. The Ethereum will be used to buy and burn the winning country’s tokens.

At the end of the 7 days, the winning country unlocks both a nuclear missile and this ETH prize. You might wonder, “Why add a second prize? Isn’t the nuke enough?” The second prize ensures a significant reward even if the gains from nuking a country are low because its holders sold off quickly before the nuke hit.

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard is displayed on the right side of the screen on desktop and as a podium icon on mobile. It shows all the countries competing in the game and their market cap rank. This leaderboard will continuously update as countries move up and down in the market cap rankings.


World PvP lets you decorate any country by placing an image on it for a period of time. An automatic AI classifies and disallows NSFW or disturbing images before payment. If you don’t receive any errors, your image should be fine to upload. However, images might still be removed after submission.

The Country Tokens

Every country will have its own ERC-20 token, but we can’t provide liquidity for all 211 tokens. Instead, we created a system similar to pump and dump, where you can buy coins from a bonding curve. Once a token hits a market cap of $333k, it gets deployed to Uniswap v2. You can still buy, sell, and trade within the bonding curve on our site, even if the token doesn’t deploy to Uniswap. If it does get deployed to Uniswap, trading on our site will still be available.

The Ultimate Endgame

After 7 days, the winning country unlocks a nuke and gets to bomb one country of their president’s choosing. Then what? The game resumes into a second round without the nuked country, leaving 210 countries in play. This cycle repeats until there’s only one country left, becoming the ultimate survivor after 211 rounds of near-destruction. We will then revoke all our permissions to this country, allowing it to continue as the victorious nation that defeated all others around the globe.

1% of the Supply

To promote countries and prevent individuals from monopolizing a country’s entire supply, we’ll automatically reserve 1% of every country’s supply for giveaways, airdrops, and promotions. We’ll ensure this reserved supply is used for the country’s benefit. We’ll only receive this supply when the country is deployed to Uniswap.

Frequency Ask Questions (FAQs)

No, everything will transition seamlessly into round 2. The only element that resets is the nuke timer, allowing countries to once again compete to unlock the second nuke.

Certainly, however, we plan to explore the idea of progressively shortening the duration of rounds following the initial 7-day period. This adjustment aims to ensure that subsequent rounds are not as lengthy.

Absolutely, it’s a plausible outcome. A sizable country might indeed assert dominance for a time, but with hundreds of countries in the mix, there’s always the chance for an underdog to emerge and challenge the reigning powerhouse.

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