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Get Help with Cryptocurrency in NZ – New Zealand Crypto Guide (2023)

Learn exactly where you can get Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto help in NZ. There's plenty of Kiwis out there willing show you the right way.

The world of crypto can be a confusing place. So just how can you get crypto help in NZ?

This guide has been designed to help point you in the right direction for if you ever need a human perspective on your next steps. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to contact us for help. 🙂

The Best Ways to Find Help in NZ

The best places to ask for help in regards to crypto advice in New Zealand include Crypto Consulting NZ, the NZ Facebook, Reddit and Discord groups, at one of the NZ Crypto Meetups, and from friends and family. You’re also welcome to email us if you need help. 

Crypto Consulting NZ Preview Harry Satoshi

Crypto Consulting NZ

Crypto Consulting NZ is NZ’s most accessible crypto help hotline – a patient, easy and effective place to seek assistance with crypto. Crypto Consulting NZ is an offshoot of Cryptocurrency NZ – so it will be Nic and myself helping you with anything crypto related. 


If you need help with the basics, creating and backing up wallets, buying and selling crypto or anything in between, we’re more than happy to jump on a call and hash out your crypto. 

Cryptocurrency NZ Community Facebook Group

NZ Crypto Groups

The next best place is in one of New Zealand’s various crypto communities on Facebook, Reddit and Discord. They are extremely active, diverse, and will allow you to get many opinions in a short period of time. Just beware to take everyone’s opinion with a grain of salt, to not take bad advice too seriously, and to ensure you think through their intentions. 

Cryptocurrency NZ Bitcoin Ethereum Meetups

Cryptocurrency NZ Meetups

Another excellent place to get help with crypto is at one of Cryptocurrency NZ’s ten monthly crypto Meetups across NZ – where dozens of Kiwis gather to discuss crypto. 

Find your local NZ Crypto Meetup.

Meetups are a great place to ask other crypto enthusiasts for their perspective. Just about everyone you meet will be willing to point you in the right direction, however just be sure to understand everyone has an opinion, taking the wrong advice could be harmful, and there are bad actors out there who will try get you to invest in their random personal project. 

South Island Crypto

From Friends & Family

Another great place to ask for help is through family and friends. There’s a decent chance you already know someone involved in crypto – and and that they’re willing to lend a hand.

Just make sure they have some good experience, they have had success in what they are advising you on, they know what they are doing, and that they aren’t caught up in a scam.

Self-Led Research

You always have Google and ChatGPT at your disposal when looking for crypto hep in NZ.

ChatGPT is awesome as it basically has a conversation with you, walking you through whatever steps you need to take to solve or answer your questions. Google is pretty solid too, and has information on just about everything there is in the world of crypto investing. 

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Cryptocurrency NZ Final Verdict

We hope this guide has provided value in one way or another – and that you are now connected to the communities and resources that can help answer your crypto questions, and provide you with crypto help in NZ. Good luck with your NZ crypto endeavors. 🙂 

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Disclaimer: All content in this guide is intended for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial advice. As an individual, you are entirely responsible for how you conduct your investments and manage your cryptocurrency interests. It is exclusively your own responsibility to perform due diligence and Cryptocurrency NZ recommends taking extreme care and caution with crypto and are not responsible for the outcomes, management, or oversight of your activities.