What is Pest Free Token NZ? – New Zealand’s Crypto Guide (2024)

Pest Free Token (PFT) is New Zealand's first crypto charity project, creating incentive structures on the blockchain to help NZ reach it's predator free 2050 goals.

Pest Free Token (PFT) is an innovative NZ based crypto project dedicated to preserving New Zealand’s natural heritage. PFT seeks to create incentive systems in pest control. 

In a world where cryptocurrencies are often associated with trading and investment, PFT seeks to leverage blockchain and crypto technology to protect New Zealand’s native birds.

Join us in exploring the PFT project, its mission, and it’s impact in NZ pest eradication.

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What is Pest Free Token NZ?

Founded in October 2021 by Kiwis Patrick Abel and Alex McGregor, Pest Free Token is a passion project born out of a deep commitment to protecting NZ’s native flora and fauna and assisting the New Zealand Government in reaching it’s predator free 2050 targets.

The PFT team have committed 100% of the project’s profit to go to pest eradication, also comiting to complete project transparency via the PFT Whitepaper and PFT Trust Deed

The token itself is built on Binance Smart Chain, and is rewarded to New Zealander’s who eradicate pests like mice, rats, stoats and ferrets in their registered PFT trap boxes.

PFT seeks to bring pest control to the blockchain – creating a transparent information and reward system to encourage the protection of New Zealand’s natural bio-diversity. 

Across New Zealand and the Chatham Islands, PFT have successfully deployed 200+ registered traps, regularly issuing bounties to Kiwis willing to earn crypto by killing pests.

The PFT project is a first of it’s kind – incentivizing New Zealander’s of all kind to get involved in protecting native birds, rewarding token holders and preserving wildlife. 

How You Can Help Pest Free Token in NZ

 Here are three meaningful ways you can contribute to this noble cause:

Buy a Trap and Earn PFT Tokens

Through the PFT website, you can order an official PFT trap box for $20 NZD. 

Once it arrives, simply set it up, place it outside, bait it, and wait for your first kill. Check your trap at the end of each day and after some kills, you pay off your initial investment. 

Your PFT trapping operation becomes a passive income source. PFT aims to place a trap in every suburb in New Zealand to effectively target rodents, mustelids, and possums. 

PFT traps arrive ready to deploy, equipped with a fixed mesh barrier, a sliding mesh gate for rebaiting, a pest trap, and a QR code for scanning. PFT has plans to expand its range of traps in the future, including other trap models like DOC200s and Flipping Timmy traps.

Trade or Invest in PFT Tokens

The project is still incredibly early days, with a total market cap of $150,000 NZD.

  • Investing in PFT is an opportunity to buy in early to a homegrown crypto project.  
  • Holders of PFT also benefit from a 0.625% transaction fee distribution mechanism. 
  • Trading PFT tokens provides incentives to PFT trappers to continue their vital work. 

Donate Directly

 If you prefer a straightforward approach, you can make direct donations in cash or cryptocurrency to the Pest Free Token project – all of which go to conservation efforts. 

Earning Rewards from Your Catch

When you successfully catch a pest using a PFT trap, you can scan the trap’s QR code and complete a simple form to claim PFT rewards for qualifying catches. To receive the rewards, you must register your PFT trap to a crypto wallet, where the rewards will be sent. This one-time process ensures that you reap the benefits of your conservation efforts.

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How to Buy Pest Free Tokens (PFT) in NZ

You can also directly buy and trade PFT tokens:

  1. Ensure You Have BNB Tokens: Before buying PFT tokens, make sure you have Binance Coin (BNB) tokens in your wallet.

  2. Connect Your Wallet: Connect your wallet to the provided widget on the PFT platform.

  3. Enter the Desired Amount: Specify the amount of tokens you want to purchase, which can include BNB, stablecoins, or other BSC tokens.

  4. Click “Swap”: Complete your transaction by clicking the “Swap” button.

PFT prides itself on being an environmentally friendly token, with the project designed to minimize environmental impact during its creation. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that rely on mining, all PFT tokens were minted in a single electronic passing of the contract.

Commitment to Transparency

In a world where crypto projects can sometimes be fraught with scams and fraudulent intentions, Pest Free Token stands as a beacon of legitimacy and transparency. 

The Pest Free Token project is backed by a formal constitution and trust deed filed with the New Zealand Companies Office and Charities Services.

These documents ensure several critical factors:

  • All profits must be directed to charity.
  • The Pest Free Token Trust’s assets are exclusively used for charitable purposes.
  • The Liquidity Pool is locked.
  • Developer tokens remain untouched for a minimum of 24 months.
  • Whale mechanics have been implemented to prevent market manipulation.
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Cryptocurrency NZ's Final Thoughts

While cryptocurrencies often make headlines for trading and profit-making, New Zealand has quietly paved the way for leveraging crypto for social and environmental causes. Pest Free Token serves as a prime example of crypto as a means to a noble end, where the focus is on preserving the natural beauty of NZ and protecting its indigenous wildlife. 

As a holder and consultant of the project, having watched it’s growth since inception, I would recommend keeping an eye on PFT, ordering a trap and following the unfolding story of NZ’s first crypto charity project leveraging blockchain to save NZ’s native birds. 

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