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What is New Zealand Digital Dollar? (NZDD) (2024)

Unlock stability with NZDD, Easy Crypto NZ's Stablecoin. Backed 1-to-1 by New Zealand dollars, New Zealand Digital Dollar ensures seamless digital payments. Redeem locked NZ dollars effortlessly, enjoying stability and efficiency in a digital payment era.

In Aotearoa, Easy Crypto stands as a premier cryptocurrency retailer, ensuring a ‘safe, smart, and easy’ experience for Kiwis trading over 160+ cryptos, including Bitcoin. We will explore the history and features of NZDD, Easy Crypto’s latest venture the NZ crypto world.

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Easy Crypto is New Zealand’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency retailer, making it ‘safe, smart, and easy‘ for Kiwis to buy and sell over 160+ cryptos including Bitcoin in NZ.

What is NZDD Stablecoin?

Discover the ins and outs of NZDD – Easy Crypto NZ’s latest Stablecoin. Dive into their introductory video for a understanding of what NZDD is and the robust security measures.

How does NZDD work?

Every NZDD token is meticulously tied to New Zealand dollars at a 1-to-1 ratio, with the equivalent dollar cash securely stored in a local bank for each circulating NZDD. Delve into the following process, offering a glimpse into the sophisticated accounting system that harmonizes NZDD with New Zealand dollars, safeguarding the token’s stability.

A certified wholesale entity initiates the sizeable production of New Zealand Digital Dollar through ECDD Ltd. Upon settling the invoices, the minting of NZDD promptly commences, with the equivalent NZ dollars securely held in a bare trust.

Within the realm of blockchain technology, a smart contract serves as a programmed entity. Exclusively, the NZDD smart contract holds the capability to initiate the minting process, introducing new New Zealand Digital Dollar tokens into circulation.

Following the conclusion of the minting process, the newly generated New Zealand Digital Dollar tokens are dispatched back to the party that initiated the request.

NZDD facilitates the redemption of securely held NZ dollars, subject to the stipulations outlined in the legal agreement between ECDD Ltd and the concerned party.

Upon receiving NZDD, the tokens undergo a permanent inaccessibility process known as “burning.” Simultaneously, the locked NZ dollars are liquidated and promptly transferred to the requesting party in accordance with the established protocols.

Who should use NZDD?

Embracing NZDD isn’t exclusive – it’s designed for both individuals and businesses seeking a streamlined digital payment experience. With NZDD, transactions are effortlessly settled, eliminating the reliance on conventional banking channels.

For crypto investors and financial institutions, New Zealand Digital Dollar offers a swift gateway to seamless conversions between digital assets and a genuinely stable local currency. Enjoy the benefits of investing with peace of mind, free from the necessity to hold stablecoins backed by foreign currencies like Tether (USDT) or USDC.

New Zealand Digital Dollar Advantages

Dive into New Zealand’s blockchain-based financial landscape with NZDD, your key to seamless global money transfers, everyday purchases, and cryptocurrency investments. Discover the advantages of NZDD, a secure stablecoin always backed by 100% NZD. 

✔️ Transparent & Fortified Security: NZDD prioritizes transparency with routine audits conducted by a leading Big 4 auditor. The stability you seek is guaranteed, as each NZDD token represents a real NZ dollar, meticulously backed and regularly audited within NZ.

✔️ Anytime, Anywhere Access: Enjoy the flexibility of NZDD. It’s at your disposal 365 days a year, 24/7, even when traditional banks are closed. Send money globally at a faster pace and more cost-effectively than conventional money transfer services.

✔️ Rapid and Seamless Transactions: Transact with speed and security using NZDD. Its efficiency ensures swift and hassle-free transactions, surpassing traditional banking.

✔️ Passive Earnings Potential: Maximize your holdings by adding them to a Uniswap liquidity pool, earning passive staking rewards while maintaining control over your NZDD.

✔️ Built for Tomorrow: It is crafted with scalability and the future in mind, adapting to the dynamic needs of the industry. Join the NZDD revolution for a secure and stable future.

NZDD Smart Contract Audit Report

Ensuring the robustness of NZDD’s financial infrastructure, Ernst & Young conducts attestation reports, scrutinizing aspects like NZD balances. On the technological front, Trail of Bits, a trusted entity in smart contract security, has meticulously audited the NZDD minting contract. For detailed insights into the audit results, you can access the report

How to Stake NZDD on Uniswap

Maximizing your NZDD holdings by staking them on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the seamless process of contributing liquidity to the NZDD and USDC pair, enabling you to earn passive staking rewards in NZ.

Visit the Uniswap Website: Head to the Uniswap website by typing “

Navigate to the Pools Tab: Once on the Uniswap website, locate and click on the “Pools” tab. This is where you can manage liquidity pools.

Uniswap NZDD

Connect Your Wallet: Connect your MetaMask Wallet or other compatible browser wallet by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button. Follow the prompts to complete the connection.

Click on “New Position”: Within the Pools section, find and click on the “New Position” or similar option, depending on the Uniswap interface.

Uniswap Pools NZDD

Add NZDD and USDC Pair: In the process of creating a new position, select the NZDD and USDC pair. Note that USDC is typically the available stablecoin for liquidity pairing.

Add Your Liquidity: Input the amount of NZDD and USDC you want to contribute to the liquidity pool. This step helps to create a balanced pair for trading.

Approve the Contract via Wallet: After setting the liquidity amount, you will likely need to approve the contract. Confirm this action through your connected wallet, such as MetaMask, and follow any additional steps prompted by the wallet.

Uniswap NZDD Staking pair
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Cryptocurrency NZ Final Verdict

Easy Crypto NZ, at the forefront of New Zealand’s crypto market, introduces NZDD – a secure, smart, and accessible stablecoin, backed by the reliability of 100% NZD.

NZDD transforms digital payments, ensuring transparency, rapid transactions, and 24/7 accessibility. Ideal for Kiwis seeking a future-proof, locally backed digital currency.

Dive into the NZDD revolution with Easy Crypto NZ for a stable financial journey.

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