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The core communication platform of Cryptocurrency NZ – the central group where we discuss and plan our meetups, events and projects, and discuss all kinds of ideas ranging from investing, trading, mining and beyond.

Cryptocurrency NZ Official Discord 2023

If you’re new to Discord, it’s a social media platform that allows Kiwis to converse and share ideas in various NZ Regional text channels, such as in the #Auckland, #Wellington, #Christchurch, #Dunedin, #Tauranga, #Queenstown etc local channels.

The Cryptocurrency NZ Discord acts as the core group chat for all of our meetups. Through this server, you can also find a portal to the NZ P2P Crypto Marketplace, our sister group of 2,000 Kiwis buying and selling crypto between each other peer to peer. 

If you have any feedback for the Cryptocurrency NZ project, this is the place to share those ideas. 

It’s also a great place to ask for help, share your own project, and help others out who have less experience than you.