Mastering Crypto Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) in NZ (2024)

In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, timing the market is tough. Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) – a tailored investment strategy for Kiwis.

In the volatile realm of crypto, timing the market accurately is a formidable challenge. That’s where Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) steps in. DCA allows you to strategically invest in your chosen assets at predetermined intervals, irrespective of market movements.

Understanding Dollar Cost Averaging in Crypto

What Is Dollar-Cost Averaging In Crypto?

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) involves consistently making smaller and uniform investments over time, as opposed to engaging in large or irregular purchases of tokens.

Through the routine acquisition of your preferred cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, you automatically increase your investment over time, regardless of the current state of the cryptocurrency market. This approach facilitates the growth of your portfolio and has the potential to reduce your average cost during market downturns.

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How Dollar Cost Averaging Work in Crypto?

Consider having $69,420 allocated for crypto investment. If the existing Bitcoin price is $50,000 and you opt for a lump-sum investment, you would possess one Bitcoin.

Conversely, by dividing the $69,420 into five equal $13,884 investments at varied Bitcoin prices ($50,000, $45,000, $25,000, $25,000, and $55,000), your average cost basis decreases to $55,344, resulting in the ownership of approximately 1.26 Bitcoin.

This strategic distribution ensures that amid market fluctuations, your average cost diminishes, leading to enhanced gains when Bitcoin’s value experiences an upswing. 

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Implementing a Successful DCA Strategy In NZ

Once you’ve made the decision to implement Dollar-cost averaging in the cryptocurrency market, choosing the right platform is crucial for the success of your investment plan.

Choosing Your Dollar-Cost Averaging Frequency

Determining how frequently to engage in Dollar Cost Averaging for your crypto investment in NZ is a flexible decision. Various methods are commonly adopted by individuals.

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • On a specific day of each month

Moreover, cryptocurrency exchanges in New Zealand such as Easy Crypto NZ provide the option to customize the exact time for executing your cryptocurrency purchases.

Purchase Plans for Dollar-Cost Averaging

To commence dollar-cost averaging, you have several strategies to consider:

  • Manually acquiring cryptocurrencies on designated dates
  • Configuring a recurring buy feature with your crypto exchange
  • Employing a bot for automated DCA purchases

For a hands-off and cost-effective approach, opting for a cryptocurrency exchange that provides recurring buy options proves to be the most passive and economical choice.

Easy Crypto NZ simplifies the concept of “DCA” with its convenient Auto-Buy feature. By creating a personalized Auto-Buy template, you have the flexibility to choose the coins you want and determine their ratios. Below you can find a step by step tutorial on EC’s feature.

Setting up Automatic Purchases with Auto-Buy

Create the Order Template

Begin by navigating to the automatic payments section of the website by clicking on “Buy & Sell” and then selecting “Auto-Buy.”

Upon reaching the Auto-Buy order customization page, you can choose the tokens you wish to include and specify the percentage allocation for each selected coin.

Add your Delivery Addresses

After choosing your coins and allocating percentages, proceed to furnish Easy Crypto with the wallet addresses where you wish to receive your cryptocurrency.

In the event that your deposit is less than the predetermined amount set during your Auto-Buy setup, Easy Crypto will automatically distribute the received amount and deliver your crypto to the designated wallets following the same ratio initially determined by you.

Schedule a Payment from your bank

Your following action is to initiate a payment using your order reference from your bank account to Easy Crypto. To understand the process, click on “How to pay.”

You have the option to establish a recurring payment schedule, or you can make payments at your convenience using the provided reference — the choice is entirely yours! Upon receiving a payment with the designated reference number, we will execute the trades and dispatch your cryptocurrencies accordingly.

How to pay Auto buy Easy Crypto NZ

Potential Drawbacks of DCA Strategy

While the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) crypto strategy offers numerous benefits, it is not foolproof. DCA introduces the risk of acquiring an asset when its value is exceptionally high, and it doesn’t factor in potential short-term price spikes resulting from positive news or upgrades, which often lead to temporary increases. This passive purchasing approach at predetermined dates can significantly elevate your average buy-in price.

Other potential drawbacks of employing DCA in crypto include:

  • Not Ideal for Short-Term Investments: DCA may not be optimal for short-term cryptocurrency trades. It is better suited for individuals planning to hold their crypto assets for the long term. Over time, DCA allows investors to capitalize on both lows and highs, as demonstrated by the substantial yearly price differences in Bitcoin.

  • Lower Short-Term Reward Potential Compared to Spot Trading: Using Dollar-cost averaging in the short term might result in purchasing assets at progressively higher prices, particularly during bull markets. Short-term traders could potentially achieve higher profits through spot trading methods.

  • Incurring Higher Purchase Fees: Many cryptocurrency exchanges operate on a tiered scale for trading fees. Investing small amounts intermittently through DCA may lead to higher maker or taker fees compared to a lump-sum purchase of the same asset.

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Cryptocurrency NZ Final Verdict

Cryptocurrency NZ, believes Dollar-cost averaging is as an excellent long-term strategy for individuals seeking a hands-off and steady approach.

This method, designed to eliminate the emotional impact of FOMO, proves effective and relatively secure for traders aiming to construct a lasting cryptocurrency portfolio.

It’s important to note that while DCA doesn’t promise extraordinary returns, it stands as a reliable option for those looking to navigate the volatile crypto market with a focus on long-term growth. Lastly, exercising due diligence in selecting cryptocurrencies with long-term viability is crucial, acknowledging the inherent volatility of the market. 

Stay humble and stack sats 

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Disclaimer: All content in this guide is intended for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial advice. As an individual, you are entirely responsible for how you conduct your investments and manage your cryptocurrency interests. It is exclusively your own responsibility to perform due diligence and Cryptocurrency NZ recommends taking extreme care and caution with crypto and are not responsible for the outcomes, management, or oversight of your activities.