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Cryptocurrency NZ 

Cryptocurrency NZ is a New Zealand focused crypto guide and community organisation on a mission to advance crypto adoption, awareness, and community across NZ.

Our goal is simple – convert as many Kiwis to cryptocurrency as possible.
Here’s a list of projects we run to accomplish this:

Crypto New Zealand Community Group

New Zealand’s largest cryptocurrency Facebook group. 15.5K Kiwis chatting all things crypto on a daily basis. 


NZ P2P Crypto Marketplace

A Discord community where you can discover and communicate with P2P crypto buyers and sellers across NZ.

Portal to the NZ P2P Crypto Marketplace here

NZ Crypto Miners

New Zealand’s cryptocurrency mining forum.


NZ Shitcoin Traders

A community group deticated to exchanging information on ‘shitcoins’.


NZ Cryptocurrency Meetups

On a monthly basis, we host, support and promote various cryptocurrency meetups across New Zealand.

Find more information in Christchurch, Wellington, and Dunedin.

If you’re interested in our mission or are keen to collaborate, don’t hesitate to reach out. Always on the hunt for Kiwis with a shared vision.