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Est. July 2020. Christchurch, New Zealand.

Cryptocurrency NZ is a New Zealand crypto community organization and guide on a mission to advance crypto adoption, awareness and community across Aotearoa.

Our Community

Harry Satoshi

Founder & CEO 


Nic Turnbull


Co-founder & CFO

Derpy Kiwi

Kodi Sinclair


Community Manager

South Island Crypto

Hosts & Mods

12 NZ Meetup Hosts

15+ Group Moderators


50,000+ Kiwis
Across CNZ’s Network

We’re the guardians of Aotearoa’s largest crypto Facebook, Reddit, Discord and Meetup groups  –  home to 50,000+ Kiwi crypto enthusiasts. We run monthly DeFi Meetups across 11 of New Zealand’s cities, including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and beyond, proudly supported by New Zealand’s crypto titans including Easy Crypto, Binance, Blockchain NZ, PIN and PFT. We also founded and run the NZ Peer-to-Peer Crypto Marketplace.

Our organization consists of 50,000+ members, 2 founders, 11 meetup hosts, and 15+ moderators. 

Here on the CNZ website, you’ll find portals to the corners of our community – as well the backbone of the Cryptocurrency NZ project; our ultra simplified, no bullshit, step-by-step guide on how to get started with Bitcoin & crypto investing in New Zealand.

~ Cryptocurrency NZ Projects ~

Cryptocurrency NZ Official Discord 2023

The central forum of the Cryptocurrency NZ project. 

New Zealand’s largest cryptocurrency Discord server where Kiwis can freely talk Bitcoin, crypto, NFTs, DeFi, Mining, Day Trading and beyond in NZ.

We also host regional channels (such as #Auckland, #Christchurch etc) that act as the base group chats for the various CNZ meetups. 

Bitcoin Ethereum Cryptocurrency NZ

A Kiwis guide to the future of Money. is our New Zealand focused, no bullshit crypto guide built to help Kiwis learn, set up their first wallet and buy crypto safely and easily in NZ.

South Island Crypto

NZ Crypto Meetups

On the last Wednesday of each month, we run 12 monthly crypto meetups across New Zealand.

If you’re looking to meet like-minded new friends, learn from the most diehard crypto enthusiasts in the country or simply enjoy a beer on the house on behalf of NZ’s crypto titans, the CNZ meetups are for you.

Proudly Supported By...

Cryptocurrency NZ Logo

The NZ P2P Crypto Marketplace

NZ P2P Cryptocurrency Marketplace New Zealand Bitcoin Crypto Ethereum

Cryptocurrency NZ founded and administrates the NZ P2P Marketplace – New Zealand’s largest peer-to-peer trading group.   

Peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto trading is the act of buying or selling crypto like Bitcoin directly between two individuals, (one buyer / one seller), without the use of a middleman to facilitate the transaction process and execution. 

CNZ Facebook Collective

Cryptocurrency NZ Community Facebook Group

Cryptocurrency NZ is the Guardian of New Zealand’s largest Bitcoin & crypto Facebook groups, host to over 28,000 NZ members. 

Here we support the social fabric of the NZ crypto community, encouraging connection, enterprise and collaboration while fueling an economy of ideas, discussion and trade. 

Crypto Consulting NZ

Crypto Consulting NZ

Still a bit confused and wish you had someone to help walk you through? We are happy to provide direct 1-on-1 assistance with all things crypto and beyond via Crypto Consulting NZ

Our founders Harry Satoshi and Nic Turnbull can patiently walk you through all the steps of getting started, creating a wallet, buying, selling or using crypto as money or an investment. 

From wallet recoveries to educational sessions, we’re at your service for anything crypto NZ. 


NZ Crypto Business Map List

The Great Kiwi Crypto map

The Great Kiwi Crypto Map is a Google Map view of all the known businesses that accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto directly as a payment option in NZ.

Our Mates

We’ve got big plans for the future and welcome NZ’s crypto community to join our conquest. 

If you’re interested in our mission, getting involved or collaborating, don’t hesitate to contact us

Harry Satoshi & Nic Turnbull