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Cryptocurrency NZ

Est. July 2020. Christchurch, New Zealand.

Cryptocurrency NZ is a New Zealand crypto guide and community organization on a mission to advance crypto adoption, awareness and community across Aotearoa.

Our Team

Harry Satoshi

Founder & CEO 

Nic Turnbull

Co-founder & CFO

We run a collection of NZ-focused crypto projects aimed at accomplishing our goals in the NZ crypto space.

A Kiwis guide to the future of money. is New Zealand focused crypto guide built to help Kiwis learn about crypto, set up their first wallet and buy crypto safely and easily in NZ. 

Cryptocurrency NZ Community Discord

Cryptocurrency NZ DAO Community Discord

The bedrock communication platform of Cryptocurrency NZ, our hub for organizing meetups and other ongoing CNZ Projects.

A NZ-based Discord server where Kiwis can freely talk Bitcoin, crypto, NFTs, DeFi, Mining, Day Trading and beyond in New Zealand.

NZ Crypto Community Facebook Group Collective

NZ Bitcoin Ethereum Monero Cardano Mining Cryptocurrency NZ

Cryptocurrency NZ is the Guardian owner of New Zealand’s largest crypto Facebook groups, host to over 28,000 NZ members. 

Our mission is to support the social fabric of the NZ crypto community, encouraging connection and collaboration while protecting it’s quality and integrity.

Here we provide an open space for NZ’s crypto enthusiasts, offering an economy of ideas, trade and discussion where we respect free speech and free expression. 

Cryptocurrency NZ Meetups

On the last Wednesday of every month, Cryptocurrency NZ runs a series of in-person, unregulated meetups where Kiwis come together to discuss all things Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOS and beyond. 

Christchurch Crypto meetup NZ

Cryptocurrency NZ’s Meetups provide support the the social infrastructure of NZ’s crypto scene, offering a physical outlet for crypto-interested kiwis to link up in the flesh to connect, converse and collaborate.

NZ Crypto Business Map List

The Great Kiwi Crypto map

The Great Kiwi Crypto Map is a Google Map view of all the known businesses that accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto directly as a payment option in NZ.

Since 2017, it has already been possible to buy & sell goods and services in NZ with crypto, using crypto debit cards, however this relies on intermediaries.

Accepting crypto as payment in New Zealand can be done by the use of a crypto friendly payment system, on top of your existing payment merchant machine. 

If you’re interested in our mission, we’re always on the lookout for new mods, core members, writers and contributors.

If you’re interested in discussing ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us

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